Site Update

Hard to believe that my cohort’s domain training is almost complete.  It has been a very worthwhile experience and provided time for me to consider how I want to use my site.  While I expect this will change over time as I become more experienced, I now have a good idea of what I want to accomplish this year.

Using the tips provided in class (Thanks Tim!) and others (Thanks Jim, Martha, Ryan!), I have set up feeds from sites I like to read (see the Currents tab above) and from those of my students (Student Posts).  I gave them the same look and feel as my main site, but am experimenting with how much of their posts to show.  Under the Currents in Marketing, the posts are abridged – interested readers can go to the original site for more – whereas the Student Posts section shows the entire post.

I’ve also created placeholder tabs for items I will eventually add to my site.  I’d appreciate any feedback on the layout or any other suggestions people may have.