Watch Out Walmart!

Pretend you are a marketing executive at WalMart.  Amazon has been growing very rapidly, in large part because they don’t have to collect sales tax and you do.  However, as Amazon added more distribution centers to more states, they had to start collecting sales tax from many states.  So the competitive playing field is becoming level.  Then you see this:

Amazon is working on drone delivery.  If you live close to one of their distribution centers – and if you live in an urban area the odds are high that you do – Amazon is working on being able to deliver small packages to your house by drone within 30 minutes of your order.  Amazon thinks this is probably 4-5 years away.  Once the bugs are worked out, I expect people will order from Amazon just to have a drone visit.

Once drone delivery is established, I expect their capabilities will improve rapidly.  Between drone delivery and self-driving cars – expected to be available about the same times as the drones – our world is going to change rapidly.  Smart marketers should already be thinking about how these changes will disrupt business.