Interesting Week in Research

Several researchers published some interesting findings last week.  Many of these had concrete recommendations for particular situations.  First, if you are a chronic worrier, you can reduce the negative effects of worrying by writing down all your worries (or making a list).  Second, if you are depressed, there is a simple non-pharmaceutical treatment (sleep deprivation) that is effective for almost half of all depressed patients.  Third, if you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you can expect to see more violent outbreaks as researchers learned that marijuana serves as a trigger for individuals at high risk of developing a psychotic disorder.  In other words, if someone has the potential for certain types of mental problems, marijuana is likely to make them paranoid.  So marijuana may trigger paranoid behavior or worse in up to 25% of the population.  Finally, if you are ever the victim of a gunshot or stabbing (perhaps from being attacked by a paranoid junkie), don’t wait for an ambulance, but find a faster way to the ER.  It can make a big difference:  “When adjusting for differences in injury severity, patients with penetrating injuries were 62 percent less likely to die when transported by private vehicle compared to EMS.”