Promises Matter – Humorous Comparative Advertising

Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield is using humor to make a serious point amongst those shopping for health care insurance in their territory.  Many families have a vital need for health insurance.  This market has always existed, but the size has dramatically increased recently.  The market growth is a direct result of Obamacare’s regulations which caused the cancellation of many existing policies.  At the same time, the government’s mismanagement of their new program has made it very difficult – and often prohibitively expensive – to obtain a health care policy from the government site.

Thus, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield developed a series of ads in their territory pointing out that people can buy health insurance from their working website.  While the ads themselves gently poke fun at Obamacare, there are several not-so-subtle digs at the government.  Wellmark’s ads invite potential customers to go to, clearly differentiating themselves from Obamacare’s not so simple site.  Also, as the ads close, the words “Promises Matter” prominently appear.  This is another way Wellmark is trying to differentiate themselves from Obamacare given President Obama’s false promise that people could keep the insurance that they previously held if they wanted to do so.

All in all, the ads are a creative form of competitive advertising and a good example of how a nimble firm can compete against an bureaucratic organization.