I Knew This Day Would Come

Robert Morris University created sixty (yes, 60) scholarships for a team video game, League of Legends.  This was brilliant and I am certain RMU will not be the last university to create scholarships for video games.  Within 48 hours of the news getting out, RMU had over 2,000 inquiries, including one from Gambia, West Africa.

Generations Y and Z care more about video games than many traditional collegiate varsity sports and this is a natural response to changing consumer behavior.  I expect I will see video game contests reach an audience larger than the Super Bowl in my lifetime.

My favorite quote from the story was from one player.

So it’s official, playing videogames can benefit my education now…HAHA MOM.

For more details, see the entire story at the Wall Street Journal.

Quality Differences between Online Video Providers

The Wall Street Journal recently published an excellent article by Joshua Fruhlinger comparing the quality of online video options.  If you are interested in A/V (audio/video) quality, Fruhlinger does a good job evaluating current offerings.  The bottom line is that many of these options are now quite good, but none yet meet the quality standard set by Blu-ray discs.  If the convenience of an online service is more important to you than A/V quality, the article clearly explains which online services are better under various conditions.

Amazon is one of the lowest quality services, an oddity in an organization that is otherwise known for great service.  One thing (not spelled out in the article) that is especially frustrating about Amazon’s service is that their HD offering – the lowest quality HD offering of any service – is not even available to their PC subscribers.  That’s right, Amazon only provides standard definition video to the one consumer segment where 100% of the users have high definition screens.  While Amazon is obviously filled with very bright and motivated people, I don’t think they’ve thought about this limitation from a consumer point of view…