Momentary Ego Boost

Usually our students let us know if our lectures are going long.  A few of them even start packing their stuff up in the last minute or two of class.  Today, I looked up at the clock and realized I had gone five minutes late and everyone was still paying attention.  I was impressed with their patience and also felt good that I had kept them interested in the material despite running late.  I quickly told them I was about done and finished up eight minutes late, giving my poor students only two minutes to make it to their next class.

As I was shutting down the computer, I noticed it was only 9:45 AM, opposed to the 9:58 AM displayed by the the clock on the rear wall.  One of our students had obviously adjusted the clock to ensure class was dismissed on time.  I’m not sure if it was aimed at me or someone earlier (I will keep him anonymous, but the person who teaches before me often runs late).  At any rate, I thought this was a great example of problem solving by one of our students.  And I no longer feel proud that the students were paying close attention despite the class running late…

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