Proudly Borrowed From Others

One of the many benefits of participating in UMW’s Domain of One’s Own project is the interaction generated between an expert from the Division of Teaching and Learning Technology and other colleagues.

I didn’t post on last week’s readings because I was already familiar with that particular subject and didn’t read anything new to me.  Nothing new, no new thoughts.  However, in the discussion Professor Mackintosh mentioned how he was experimenting with using a collaborative wiki to build a set of notes for his class.  He has since described it on his blog.  I’m now giving serious thought to incorporating this technique into some of my more advanced classes.

This exercise highlights one of the values of the program.  Even if I did not learn anything from a particular reading assignment – nothing against the reading list, it just happened that I was familiar with last week’s topic – having a dedicated time for discussing how to improve our teaching with technology is bearing fruit.